UFO Sighting in Los Angeles, California on March 10th 2016 – I spotted a VERY bright, STAR-like, stationary object I thought could be UFO or satellite.

I drove up to the front of my residence right around 8:25 pm and after taking a bag of groceries from Trader Joe’s inside, I went back outside to look at the beautiful, clear, starry night sky. A rather bright one caught my attention and wondered if instead of a star could it perhaps be a satellite, a plane, or….maybe even a ufo? By process of elimination I deduced that it wasn’t a plane, there was no motion, it stayed in the same place (so it could be a satellite in geo-synchronous orbit). I took out my Samsung S5 from my short’s rear pocket and put it in camera mode.
I clicked four different times at the light (which I now estimate was 2 to three miles high, 10,000 to 15,000 feet I believe).

I locked the car with my remote fob, went inside and checked to see what kind of an image I was able to take. Now even with the limited zoom feature of the phone’s camera, I enlarged the screen with my fingers and then I was kind of blown away by what I saw: the spherical object had a very bright center, surrounded by a hazy/foggy “border” or “shell”. Then I saw a GIRL’S FACE in the center of the light (perhaps an optical illusion + my imagination)…but in 3 out of the 4 photos I can make out that same image with eyes, nose, hair partially covering her forehead.

Therefore I think that this “Orb” may have been either an actual UFO type craft with its own “halo”…OR…a “Portal”/”Stargate” in the process of opening up…OR…a visiting ship from another dimension. When shortly thereafter I went outside to check on my interesting “BRIGHT STAR”, to my amazement…it was gone…it was nowhere to be found in the sky.

If anyone at MUFON can figure this thing out…”shed some light” on it,
it would be appreciated. Look at my submissions and see for yourselves.

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