UFO Sighting in Ridgecrest, California on September 15th 1981 – Similar to the old Merlin handheld game. Object was a large stretched Z

I was lying in back yard, as I often did at night, to observe shooting stars and satellites passing over, when from the south over the roof of my neighbor’s house, the large stretched Z-shaped object appeared. It’s movement was end over end, silent, and from south to north. It was obvious to me immediately that there was no way we had the technology for something like it. It’s direction took it over China Lake Naval Weapons Base. My heart was beating fast when I saw it, naturally. I got up and walked to a point in my yard where I watched it until it couldn’t be seen. I fully believed at the time, and still do, that I saw an alien craft. I’ve often looked online but have never seen a description of a craft the likes of the one I saw.

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