Comment on Alexander Hamilton and the 1897 UFO/Cattle Mutilation Incident by Chuck Zukowski

DING DING DING, and the winner is Scott Colborn! My original blog stated Founding Father Alexander Hamilton was the rancher with the cattle mutilation, but when I fact-checked my own blog, wondering why our Founding Father was a rancher, I realized, oh hell, he died years before. I decided to leave the blog alone as an experiment and see if anyone fact checks me. This would be a simple fact-check on dates. Well it’s been almost a month before someone caught the error, (which was a little disappointing) but nevertheless someone did! Please readers, do as Scott Colborn did, fact check some of this stuff not only on my website but other sites as well. There’s too much crap on the internet (not mine of course) but this info is important and we need to keep it correct. Thanks again to Scott Colborn for stepping up and saying, “Hey this isn’t right!” (oh, the blog has been fixed… finally)

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