UFO Sighting in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan on March 13th 2016 – Great explosion and disintegrated

Looking out my second story window directly to the East (latitude 52ish)I saw a great big explosion in the sky. I thought it was a mid-air plane explosion with fiery debris spreading out in many directions. I yelped and my wife jumped up to look out the window with me, but it was gone by that short time (3-4 seconds). It was so close that I thought I would hear sirens shortly after and/or news of a plane crash. It was really big and so it might have been further away than I thought… could’ve been as far away as Manitoba or even Ontario. I did not see a tail like one usually does when they see a shooting star.

I notified the news agencies and searched online to see if anybody else saw it. One facebook friend in Saskatoon said her husband saw it and states “Randy saw it too. He was up early watching T.V. and saw it out of the corner of his eye, and he said it looked very big. We’ll have to check the news tonight.”

Thanks, Hollis.

ps. Please note that Saskatchewan does not follow daylight saving time; they stay the same all year long and just move time zones. It was 0622 SK time.

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