UFO Sighting in Miami, Florida on June 30th 2015 – Husband took picture while off shore

My husband was off shore in a sailboat by himself when he saw these objects in the sky above and took the picture with his phone. He sent me the picture. He was near Miami in the Atlantic aboyt a mile off shore in July 2015. Being a captain, he has seen lots of things in the skies over the years, so he doesnt think much about it….but the more I looked at the photo, the more interesting it became. I am viewing it on my phone so I cant get a good look. There are two very visible objects and to the left there are a few more….very faint. Hope someone can look and tell me more.

I am unable to submit the photo. I keep getting a response that the memory is too low to perform the action. If someone could help me with this please. The photo is amazing.

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