UFO Sighting in Richmond Hill, Ontario on March 18th 2016 – Extremely bright – not moving – occasional red light appeared. Very high up in the sky.

Dog needed to go out to do her business… and as soon as I stepped out – I saw it because it was so bright – you could not help but see it. Plus it was a weird shape. Not a star. I always look at night stars… this was not a star.
As soon as I saw it I decided to get my husband (who was sleeping) to come and see it too. He was also stunned at what we saw. Our first instinct was to check to see if the ISS was over us – even though we knew it was not the ISS as we have seen that before. We confirmed at that time the ISS was not over us.
Then we got our binoculars… and the brightness was overwhelming when seen through that lens. Very hard to look that far up and hold binoculars. Next I got my iPhone to take pictures … which I did. Very hard to take a picture that far away with just the camera in my phone.
After we went in I continued to check on it – and it was gone after 4 hours. It was not there the next night or any night since we saw it.

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