UFO Sighting in Hendersonville, Tennessee on March 26th 2016 – Very high elevation. Star-like. Very erratic, hours-long.

I am quite familiar with various types of aircraft and am an avid watcher of the skies. Last night as I tried to go to sleep, I noticed what I thought was a bright star outside my window. The kind of star that gives off heavy flashes of blue/red/ generally colorful light. Then I noticed it was actually moving closer, and although very far away, I could make out that it was actually an “object”in our atmosphere. So I thought it may be a plane from a distance, as it slowly moved. Then, it clearly changed direction. As I watched closer I actually noticed that the object was hovering, yet moving back and forth, up and down, in very random erratic motions. I watched this object for close to 2 hours. It moved in all directions, quick movements… Very random. The only general path it kept was an ascending one, as it eventually ascended so far that I could no longer see it.

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