Black Triangle Sighting in Liverpool, England on March 25th 2016 – It was like nothing I had experienced. Time seemed to slow down.


I was walking my dog in Sefton Park around 8-9:30 at night, I had already been walking for an hour. I was just taking something to the bin, when I noticed this flash of what seemed to be orange light. And there it was a black triangle that seemed to hover around the trees. At this time my dog had run off maybe due to the hum it was producing or something else but I could still see my dog so I stayed there and watched it. I didn’t have a camera with me and my phone is being fixed. I then glanced over to my dog and when I turned around it spun, and faced South and flew off at incredible speeds. I then ran over to my dog to secure him and another gentlemen ran over to me to ask me if me and my dog was alright. He had only noticed the object fly off with a bright light and a loud boom.

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