UFO Sighting in Hawaii on March 28th 2016 – I was observing the Allskycam site for the first time last evening and was dumbfounded when I saw a series of bright lights hovering in the east sky on the Hawaii cam. I have pictures

I was checking out the Allskycam website last night and came across a strange object hovering in one spot flashing a series of sequences of light on what appeared to be light panels which were on the side of a cicular disc like craft. I watched it for several minutes and captured screen shots of the event before showing it to my husband to confirm I was seeing what thought I was seeing. It was truly an unidentified flying object.

You asked how it made me feel. It actually was a blessing to me personally because last August I was walking my dog at about 10 pm and when I came around the corner of my house saw an object with the SAME LIGHTS about 2 miles back into the mountains. My house sits at about 9,000 feet backed up to Truchas Peaks. It was in the Truchas Peak region that I observed the craft that was identical to the one on the Allskycam. It was awesome to be able to show my husband and then when he confirmed it was a ufo, to share that it was identical to what I saw over at the peaks in August 2015.

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