UFO Sighting in Barboursville, Virginia on March 23rd 2016 – Took pictures of strange cloud formations. Viewing the photos noticed the green orbs.

I noticed strange cloud formations. Decided to catch a couple of pictures. I took three pictures in three different places. When I reviewed the pictures I noticed the green orbs. I had once observed a green orb in 2004 at night. I noticed a greenlight about 300 yards away. As I stood and watched, it headed to where I was standing. It made no sound, it was iridescent green, 20 feet off the ground, The size of a very large beach ball, it was very bright green but illuminated nothing around it. It stopped 10 feet from where I was standing, hovered in place for almost a minute. Then it shot straight up and disappeared. To this day no one believes what I saw, I know what I saw. What I don’t know is, truly What it is, I did see. Perhaps what I have observed is merely atmospheric anomalies, phenomenons. However, the photographs are interesting.

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