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(Dog Reaction)
(Dog Reactions)
(Dog Reacts)
(Dogs React)
(Dog Reacted)
(Dogs Reacted)
(Dog Behavior)
(Dogs Behavior)
(Dog Unaffected)
(Dogs Unaffected)
(Dog Silent)
(Dogs Silent)
(Dog Strangely)
(Dogs Strangely)
(Dog Hide)
(Dogs Hide)
(Dog Hid)
(Dogs Hid)
(Dog Hiding)
(Dog Afraid)
(Dog Scared)
(Dogs Scared)
(Dog Frightened)
(Dog Fear)
(Dogs Fear)
(Dog Fearful)
(Dogs Fearful)
(Dogs Terrified)
(Dog Cowers)
(Dog Disturbed)
(Dogs Disturbed)
(Dog Agitated)
(Dogs Agitated)
(Dog Aggressive)
(Dogs Aggressive)
(Dogs Pandemonium)
(Dogs Berserk)
(Dog Bolts)
(Dog Paralyzed)
(Dog Uncoscious)
(Dog Barks)
(Dogs Bark)
(Dog Barked)
(Dogs Barked)
(Dog Barking)
(Dogs Barking)
(Dog Howled)
(Dogs Howled)
(Dog Howling)
(Dogs Howling)
(Dog Whine)
(Dogs Whine)
(Dog Whined)
(Dogs Whined)
(Dog Whining)
(Dogs Whining)
(Dog Yelp)
(Dog Yelping)
(Dogs Yelping)
(Dog Growled) UFO case directory:
“Group /Category 4
Animal Effect Cases
Kuhn/Frightened Dog Case
November 10, 1957
Madison, Ohio”

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