UFO Sighting in Bolton, England on January 9th 1968 – possible abduction-possible medical tests-

jan 9-1968 Bolton::I was a newborn baby lying in a crib next to my mum,just hours old..my mum tells me that she was sat up in bed just relaxing when the room suddenly went cold..she says that a figure appeared at the door,she couldn’t make out any features on the being but explained it as having an orange glow,she felt paralysed too,only able to move her eyes..the figure slowly glided over to her,bent down and kissed her on her chest..it then glided back to the door where it disappeared.the room warmed up immediately and she was no longer paralysed..this is how she told the story to me..she died of lung cancer in feb 1985..i had no idea what to make of this story until I saw one of your programmes and got a chill down my spine when I heard somebody else describe a very similar experience…I’ve also had missing time in my twenties..during an evening drive home from Weymouth to Gillingham in dorset England, I had made this journey on numerous occaisions..but this particular time I have no recollection of the journey except when I came to as I was approaching a T-junction, it felt as tho i’d been asleep and had just woken up.i was alone in the car and had no idea how I came to be where I was..i almost crashed the car…about 5 years after this event I was asleep in bed and woke up with what felt like some broken ribs on my right side..i put my hand on the affected area and felt three large lumps that had broken the skin and scabbed over..i had assumed that i’d been bitten but nothing I know could leave three wart sized lumps or give the impression of broken ribs..furthermore I stripped the bed and found nothing that could have inflicted these wounds on me…I now feel that its important to share this information..thank you..

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