UFO Sighting in Conewango Valley, New York on March 16th 2016 – bright white dot mocing all over the place

Recently I experienced the death of a loved one. I had gone to a church event at a local spiritual center for spiritual healing with my loved one’s mother this night. We went for coffee after the service and on my way home I was asking for a sign that all of this was real. It was just a little before 11pm eastern time. I was looking for any sign At all but was expecting a song on the radio etc. On route 62, between Flatiron Rd and Conewango Rd in Conewango Valley, NY is where I was driving and to the north of me (out my driver side window) I seen this bright dot in the sky. I stopped my car and wanted to get a picture on my cell phone and by the time I opened up my phone’s camera I realized it wasn’t stationary but was moving. I recorded the movement, which was all over the place and changing direction rapidly. Up, down, left, right, kitty corner. It did seem to dim once or twice and eventually just seemed to disappear. It was there and then it wasn’t. The object I seen was larger and brighter than it appears in the video. I cannot explain what I saw. I have no idea what it was. It seems to have been many miles north of my location and waa high in the sky. I took that as my sign that I was looking for. I would like an explanation if possible as to what it could have been.

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