UFO Sighting in Marana, Arizona on April 2nd 2016 – Asprin size with cloud trails that wrapped around it

I’m a trucker driver and traveling west bound on I-10 in maran az. It was
about 12:30 pm az time. When i happened to look up and seen this pretty good
sized object falling from our atmosphere. First i thought space shuttle
cause of the size…maybe the size of an aleve pill. The weird part about this all is that the cloud trail wrapped around the whole object unlike planes with cloud trails coming from the wings. The cloud trail was about thick as a #2 pencil lead and only left a trail 1 1/2 inch long. Now when i
the object was about an aleve pill i mean that was the space the cloud trail wrapped around. I pulled my camera out to try and zoom in to take a pic ut that was pretty difficult to do cause i was driving and had no place to pull of quickly with an 18wheeler. But from what i could see from my camera was that there was no object inside this cloud trail. What got me to notice this o ject not cause of the size but how it was falling….falling straight down. It fell for a good 5secs then you could see it level off and was traveling the same direction i was. I say it flew in that direction till it looked like a pimple then took a hard 90�� towards the north. Then i lost sight of it

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