UFO News Article: “Flying object sighting unexplained”

9 January 1987
(Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pennsylvania)
The article reports on the 31 August 1986 New Stanton (10-mile area between New Stanton and Connellsville, Pennsylvania) UFO incident. The UFO landed on a hillside.
Twenty witnesses sighted a low flying, cylindrical shaped, metallic UFO with multiple yellow-green lights.
Quote from the article:
“ ‘It’s a good one,’ (Stan) Gordon said of the Aug. 31 sighting. ‘Many people saw it move low over their cars. We have a signed statement from an FAA (Federal Aviation Administration (not Agency)) traffic controller with 16 years experience who saw it and said it wasn’t any type of conventional aircraft.’
Motorists in the New Stanton area first believed the low-flying object was an aircraft in trouble and as they came around a bend, found a hillside on fire. Several people stopped their cars and climbed the embankment where all they found were two rings of fire, Gordon said.”
The article also mentions two other 1986 Pennsylvania UFO incidents that involve cylindrical shaped UFOs:


Quote from “The 1986 UFO Chronology” (nicap.org):
“Aug. 31, 1986; Stanton, PA                  
9:00 PM. Object seen landing, flames, burnt traces. 
(Ref. 3, Phillips)”

Satellite photo of New Stanton, Pennsylvania (tageo.com)
(tageo.com photo)

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