Sky-watcher captures something big hidden in the Sun’s corona!

A video of the sun through a specialized filter attached to a 114 cm Celestron Nexstar, recorded using a DSLR revealed a surprising dark object, very obviously present near the top of the sun, possibly in the corona.

MrMBB333 States: “Without the scope or filter it would not have been noticed. The object remained in the entirety of the video until the sun went behind my neighbor’s house.”

See the original video here, taken by MrMBB333 using Celestron Nexstar SE 114 cm/Canon rebel t2i DSLR on April 8th, 2016 – 6:00 PM.

“More enhancement techniques have clearly revealed a large object that stays in the same place, something big and round hidden in the corona above the Sun. Something is there, no doubt about it.” according to MrMBB333.

The sky-watcher is convinced he has found something extraordinary near the top of sun, so it will be interesting to see whether he provides us with new information on this subject or not.

Suppose now that this huge sphere is really there and it is speeding up to break away from the sun. If this is the case, the object should be getting larger over time, possibly with some companions.

Below the enhanced version of the dark object near the sun.


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