UFO Sighting in Madison, Alabama on April 9th 2016 – We were traveling north on slaughter Road in Madison at approximately 9:15 PM. We were headed to the gas station on the corner of slaughter road and Farrow Road. Before we arrived at the gas station we observed a purple glowing orb hovering And stationar

We were traveling north on slaughter road at 9:15 PM. We observed a purple hovering and stationary orb to the north east of the gas station. After we made our purchase at the gas station we continued home traveling south. We observed the object in the same location to the north east now behind us it pulsated got brighter and became pink as it descended below the tree lines out of sight. We turned around traveling towards the object went into some neighborhoods trying to find a location where it descended. We were unable to locate anything or observe the object again. While searching we observed a plane in the same general area flying north east. The plane was not at all similar to what we saw the plane was traveling at a high rate of speed with flashing lights.

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