UFO Sighting in Langeloth, Pennsylvania on September 24th 2009 – Was at work, heard military jets ,came outside, saw object just above horizon during G 20 summit in Pittsburgh

I was at work and came outside because I heard military jets circling over head. It was Sept 24 2009 the day of the G 20 summit in Pittsburgh. A few other guys were out there also. I just happened to look straight out to the east and saw a thick but flat dark object hovering on the horizon. It was huge. It then moved slowly right and wobbled or rocked a bit and I lost sight of it as it moved out of my view behind one of our buildings, a small oil shed across the lot from my shop. I moved left to regain sight of it again and it was gone. I didn’t say a word to the others until one of the guys I was with who was on the other side of the building said “did anyone see that big black thing”. I then knew I had really seen something and was not imaging it. He and I talked about it for a few minutes while the others were listening and of course they thought we were nuts. This has been on my mind since it happened and I finally decided to say something.

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