UFO Data Reveals Unexplained Alien Sightings | VIDEO

UFO Data Reveals Unexplained Alien Sightings

     A pair of orange fireballs streaking across the dark horizon. A mysterious object crashing into Lake Winnipeg. A nighttime visit from a “being with blonde hair and blue skin.”
These are among 1,267 reported UFO sightings across Canada in 2015, the second-biggest year for unexplained alien activity in the last 30 years.
Graham Slaughter

The detailed Canadian UFO Survey released Monday by the Winnipeg-based group Ufology Research includes accounts of where, when and precisely what Canadians claim they saw in the sky last year.


In one case from Quebec, someone reported seeing three short “humanoids” with heads too big for their bodies and “big, black slanted eyes.” They then heard a high-pitched hum and woke up the next morning. […]

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