UFO News Article: “ ‘Saucer’ Mystery Deepens”

5 July 1947
(The Evening Citizen, Ottawa, Canada)
Quote from the article:
“The pilot, co-pilot, and stewardess, who had scoffed consistently at ‘flying saucer’ tales, said they saw such objects last night while flying a passenger plane from Boise, Idaho, to Portland.
Their statements followed a day during which the ‘saucers’ were reported seen in many parts of the United States and also in Canada.
At Seattle, Frank Ryman, Coast Guard yeoman, said he took a picture of what some residents north of Seattle thought was a flying disc. The photograph showed a pinhead-size light spot against the dark evening sky.”

The Frank Ryman UFO photo (ufocasebook.com)
(ufocasebook.com photo)

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