UFO Sighting in Gilbert, South Carolina on February 29th 2016 – The light coming out of the clouds caught my attention, and I snapped 2 pics. I did not see the object until I reviewed the pics.

Pulling into my driveway I noticed the light breaking through the clouds, and I snapped 2 quick pics because I thought it was odd-looking. I did not see the object with my eyes, it was only when I reviewed my pictures that I noticed the object. So it happened in just a couple of seconds. I probably would have ignored this or chalked it up to a glitch if I had not caught the object clearly moving in the 2 pics. I had stopped my car, so the movement of the object was not due to movement of the camera. I don’t believe it was dirt or anything on my lens or window. Normally I do not take pics through windows to avoid confusion about unknown specs in the photos. I am often drawn to that same area of sky, and I have previously, and since seen strange movements in the clouds and in the clear night sky of this area of sky. I have come to believe that this is a highly occupied area of sky. There is a private air strip about 3 miles southeast of my home, and a major airport about 15 miles east of my home. Commercial airplanes never fly directly over my home, but small engine planes and TONS of military helicopters fly directly and low over my home. I should mention that Fort Jackson is about 45-50 miles southeast of my home. However,I have never seen a military aircraft or any other aircraft at the same time of these sightings or soon afterward.

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