UFO News Article: “Editor Reports Flying Saucers”

4 July 1952
(The Odessa American, Texas)
Source: ufonewspaper.blogspot.com
The whole article:
“Joe Swink, news editor of the Hugo Daily News, reported Thursday that he and 15 others saw two ‘flying saucers’ over Fort Hood, Tex.
Swink, just returned from Fort Hood where he took two weeks reserve training, said he and others saw two whirling discs traveling at tremendous speeds in daylight. He and other soldiers were on a field problem when they saw two objects travel from horizon to horizon in a span of some 30 seconds.
‘The objects appeared silver in color,’ Swink said, ‘and went through maneuvers no ordinary plane could accomplish, including a 90 degree turn from the horizontal to the vertical – then shot out of sight into the upper atmosphere.’
Swink said Fort Hood officers said similar discs had been sighted in the area before.”
Fort Hood (U.S. military post) is located on the west side of Killeen, Texas.
Wikipedia article: “Fort Hood”:


Satellite photo of Killeen, Texas (tageo.com)
(tageo.com photo)

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