UFO Sighting in Siliguri, West Bengal on April 20th 2016 – Sauce pan shaped bt it was on visible bt its shaped was appearing due to cars dipper

Hi myself sahel jebisow of india..saw a ufo which was actually invisible bt its shaped which i saw in moving vehicles light which was actually reflected. Nearly 8pm i was near gandhi nagar in public field alone listening music in silliguri west bengal india. Heard sum noise of people conversation of eating and talking dat sum1 said dat he is alone and maybe lost its way shuold we helped him.. As there was i alone and again i thought dat it was sumthing else bt agaim 1 lady served me there omlete and as ate it.. It not an omlete bt it was actually a gum named denrite which is used to stick tiles to floor then i vomit it and went for some drinks in the stall and as i return to my place wher i was before in the field then suddenly air rushes there was no noise and within a blink a circle shaped or like a saucepan shaped ship flew away to the sky it was actually invisible bt i saw its shaped due to moving vehicles nearby road… And one thing i notiched that before this thing happened moon was bright in the sky and it was visible bt suddenly clouds covered the sky and moon was gone.. Couldn’t see it anymore. Date. 20. 04. 2016. And i olso heard that they were speaking various indian languages and frm one i heard he said mangalgraha which means mars in hindi . then suddenly it was a feeling of confusion 8o’clock and open UFO was descended though it was invisible bt i was near to it like 5 to 10 ft and just feeled only oys air waves that also slit one and it was nearly about 5 to 10 huge in circular manner shaped. For further information pls contact in facebook( boozy woozy)thats ma id in FB.
After the take off there were one bike came rushed frm nowhere and phoned to some one as i was alone in that field. Den a man came fem nowhere and talk to them and they all went. It seems like they were late for the trip. Or missed there transport cause they came as when the UFO flew away.

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