UFO Sighting in Hemet, California on October 23rd 2015 – Didn’t actually see it till I viewed my I was driving with friend, then photos.

I was driving with a friend. I felt compelled to take pictures of the sunset, so, I pulled over to do. We were in an orange grove for 10-15 minutes snapping off random pictures with our cell phones; we saw nothing unusual. When I transferred the photos to my computer, I was amazed! (If you can lighten the photos up a bit, you will see white light-orbs near my truck. Also of interest is the white fog creeping in over the orange trees. We didn’t see any fog, or spheres or airplanes, helicopters, etc. No sound either. I sure would like to know if anyone else caught pictures, and if someone can offer insight as to what they might be.

I stored all the photos, (over50) at this link: https://1drv.ms/1093CLP

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