UFO Sighting in Lincoln, Nebraska on April 23rd 2016 – Five lights hovering over residential area, no sound, then suddenly started moving.

Me and three other people were driving down a fairly empty road driving to a Walmart when suddenly over a nearby group of houses I saw a row of five bluish lights standing perfectly still. At first I thought it was a formation of helicopters it looked like five helicopters right next to each other, but I realized this would be impossible as they would have to be literally glued to each other. It looked more like a solid object. There was no sound at all. I would guess that it had an altitude of anywhere from about 300 to 1,000 feet, and a minimum size of 30-50 feet. As we kept driving we got closer to it and then it appeared more of a curved boomerang shape and there appeared to be a dark outline, it reminded me of a plane but it would have to have a very low altitude and would have to be hovering perfectly still for about a minute. Then as we passed it it started moving suddenly at a constant pace, like it suddenly started gliding away in a perfectly straight line towards downtown Lincoln. At this point the lights changed from five to only three and there was a green light and a red flashing one like a plane which I didn’t notice before. One other person, the driver, also saw it and provided pretty much exactly the same details as I did. I tried to take a picture, but I have an old phone with a terrible camera plus I was in a moving car. The driver stopped eventually, but at that point it was too far away and would have only appeared as a bright light in the sky, so I just didn’t even bother at that point. The flashing red light makes me think it was a manmade aircraft, but the shape and arrangement of lights really looked strange and like nothing I have ever seen before both in real life or anywhere else.

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