UFO Sighting in Garden City, Michigan on April 1st 2016 – Moving disk like object that could only be seen with phone camera as it was invisible to human vision.

I am submitting this event for a person that confided in me because they didn’t know what to do about it. The subject was attempting to take a picture of the sunrise when looking through the phone viewing screen it was notced that another object was present, a large glowing object that was causing the clouds to turn red. The object was not visible unless viewed through the phone as it evidently can detect wavelengths of light outside normal human eye sensitivity. In reviewing the pictures which were taken within 6 seconds of each other the object moved in an upward direction where it can be observed that the clouds are no longer red but there is a bright red spot near the object by a tree that is was passing. The object does not appear to be a reflection as the pictures were taken outdoors and the scenery can be aligned perfectly with the only movement being the object’s location.

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