UFOs hidden in clouds seen over Tahiti and Armenia (Video)

On April 24, 2016 residents of Punaauia in Tahiti witnessed an unusual phenomenon as a flying saucer-shaped object appeared in the sky over Vaitavere.

According to tntv.pf meteorologists quickly explained that the phenomenon is a lenticular cloud, an altocumulus species which takes the form of a plate or a flying saucer.

One day later, on April 25, 2016 a resident of Armenia saw another strange ring-shaped object in the sky. (See video).

It is said that this object is a lenticular lens-shaped cloud formed on the crests of the waves of air or air between two layers.

UFO/Cloud Armenia
UFO/Cloud Tahiti
Lenticular clouds which resemble the shape of a UFO or real UFOs hidden in the clouds?


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