UFO Case Report: “April 13, 2013 – Near Picayune, Mississippi – 3:25 PM CDT”

By William Puckett (Montana State MUFON Director), 
7 September 2013/30 September 2013 (updated)
(UFOs Northwest, Helena, Montana)
Quote from the UFO case report:
Radar Analysis – Aircraft – UFO Sighting Near Picayune, MS – April 13, 2013
Background: On April 13, 2013 apilot had just taken off from Slidell, LA Airport with his Cessna 172. He was flying at 2,500 feetand as he approached the Picayune, MS VOR he saw a disk shaped craft to his right for a few seconds. The object drifted off to the south after a few seconds. He was flying north and the sighting occurred at about 3:30 PM CDT.
Analysis: I read the article written by Richard Hoffman in the MUFON Journal and case description in MUFON’s Case Management System (CMS). Given my interest in radar and pilot UFO sightings I immediately requested radar data from Hill AFB (Air Force Base) near Ogden, UT. The radar data is archived by the Air Force and stored for long periods.  The Air Force shares several long range radar units with the FAA for the JSS (Joint Surveillance System). I received the data in the first week of August and began work immediately.
Results: Seven radar units were included in the data provided by the Air Force.

Radar tracked an object (UFO) at about ‘one minute and as much as two minute’ intervals near Picayune, MS from 3:17 PM to 3:26 PM.”

Satellite photo of Picayune, Mississippi (tageo.com)
(tageo.com photo)

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