UFO Sighting in Kremenchuk, Poltavs’ka oblast on September 19th 2015 – Shift in time, diffrent memories, 7 very tall 11 child like that move very fast always blurred out you can never see them long enough to see them.

This has been happening since i was 8 years old i am now 51 years old it has happened in many places around the world they seem to just find you.

They let you know they are there.

The first time i didn’t know what it was i was terified but soon found out.

The environment keeps changing it is hard to say.

Pain , lost time. gained time, gained vast amounts of information unwillingly , had no control of the situation,since my first encounter i have suffered with a complete unawareness of time and how unimportant it is in the big picture of things, I have spent a life time in innovation and design, I have built many of the things i have seen and have a complete understanding of them all.
I have met many Phd, Dr, physicist, and engineers,in many areas from Medical to Aerospace,propulsion power generation.
and I have been able to not just keep up with them but 9 out of 10 times i run rings around them not meaning any disrespect. its just my understanding of things are now different .

you don’t loose site of them , time just seems to change and its all over.

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