Time Travel; Symmetrical Universe

Can we travel to our own past or to our own future? I don’t think so, but maybe to a Symmetrical Universe. These are my thoughts and “yes” you may challenge them, because no-one really knows for sure.

I hear all the time aliens are visiting us from the future, but these comments are generally made without any scientific thought process in mind, they’re just said. I never bought into the whole, “ET is visiting from our future to warn us about… (insert warning here), but I do buy into; ET is visiting us from other planets within our own space-time with their own agenda in mind.

The possibility of Time Travel has always been a highly debatable topic. Can we travel to our past, and can we travel to our future, or are people visiting us from our past or from our future? These are questions we ponder from ‘time to time’. [pun] But is it possible? My current thought is? It’s not possible, but with a caveat.

Synchronous Dimensional Universes.

Disclaimer: The following information is based on my experiences in UFOlogy and the Paranormal, I’m not a physicists, and don’t claim to be. I see things differently and the concept of time travel has been weighing on my mind for some ‘time’ [pun again] now. This is how I currently see things, but ideas, hypotheses can change all the ‘time’. [I did it again]

Synchronous Dimensional Universes are universes that were started exactly at the same time as ours, and are in-sync with us, like a mirror image, but with different levels of time. We live in a 3 dimensional plane (sorta), but adding time, forms a larger, fourth-dimensional body called, “Space Time”. The “Time” variable could flow through each dimensional universe, faster, or slower, or exactly at the same rate as us.

3 Dimensional Life Model

This illustration shows a wedge or “Life Model” of our existence. We live on the Active Life plane which is associated with a Residual Life Energy dimension, a Spiritual Life dimension, and a Residual Spiritual Energy dimension.

Ok, stay with me on this..

Active and Residual Life Energy Dimensions.

I think our existence consists of four dimensional planes based on what I believe is associated with Newton’s Third Law.

Newton’s Third Law: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, and forces always come in pairs – equal and opposite action-reaction force pairs.

Newton’s Third Law also involves “placed energy”, specific energy that cannot be manipulated later.

This law could explain, as life begins “Active Life dimension” that an opposite action is also created, that cannot be manipulated”, this would be the “Residual Life Energy dimension. But… when we die, we are creating a new equal and opposite reaction, thus creating a Spiritual Life dimension with its own Residual Spiritual Life dimension tied to it.

3 Dimensional Time-Line

Our Dimensional Time-Line, consists of a “Residual Dimension”, which can only be viewed like an old TV rerun, in which we cannot interact with. This reasoning complies with “Residual Hauntings” which is a playback of a past event also known as a placed memory. The apparitions involved are not spirits, they are energy “recordings” of a particular event. Why do people see this? It’s because some anomaly is allowing us to see segments from our past, which resides on our, “Residual Life Energy dimension”. But you say, “Hey”, investigators have been able to interact with spirits too! How about that? Well I have a thought on that too!

Spiritual Life dimension.

A Spiritual Life dimension is where our life force (ie. souls, conscience, spirits) go when we die. When the Spiritual Dimension is created by the first “life force” dying, then a synchronous Residual Dimension is created for that too! Newton’s Third Law again. Now since the Spiritual Life dimension is an active dimension and not a residual one, we “they” have the ability to cross-communicate. Since they have their own “Residual Dimension”, we may also have the opportunity to see that as well because we’re all connected to a common origin.

Now before I get my head chewed off by those who say they have communicated with the past or have seen future events, let me say this. Not on our time-line, but on a synchronous time-line you could.

Dimensional Jumping

We cannot visit our future because it hasn’t been created yet. We are at the leading edge of our time-line, creating our future with every second that passes. We cannot visit our past history, let alone change it, because our past history consists of residual energy which can only be viewed. We therefore cannot interact with it.

If our universe is in a Synchronous Dimensional family, then we may have the opportunity to jump to their leading-edge time lines, not their past or future, but only to the leading edge. Due to the added variable time, some Synchronous Dimensions would be ahead or behind ours, thus we would be able to see our future or past only at significant points. (ie. Their leading edge.)

If we were able to physically jump to their leading edge and some-how change their future, which was in-sync with ours, then that particular time-line would lose its synchronicity and thus become a Parallel Universe. In a Parallel Universe, if you are a Star Trek fan, you could meet an evil Mr. Spock like in the Mirror, Mirror episode and in the new Star Trek movies, older Mr. Spock could meet younger Mr. Spock. There would be no time paradox, because time is irrelevant between dimensions. Remember the 4th Dimension consists of Space-Time, which is not constant.

I don’t even think a paradox could ever happen in any situation, because jumping from our leading edge to a past leading edge will only muck up their future and not change our present. But if we jumped to a future leading edge and saw our future, then we would be able to jump back and alter our future, which would then remove us from the synchronicity family.

Note 1: If we were able to visit our own time-line future, then we would be currently living in the Residual Life Energy dimension, which means we are reruns, and no matter what we do, our future is already set. Now this could happen in some other quirky dimensional universe where physics is “backasswards” to ours, but I would prefer to think that we are responsible for our own future, and that we are at the leading edge of our time-line.

Note 2: Jumping to a future leading edge dimensional universe where time would be running faster, could cause us to age significantly only seeing the difference when we jump back. I recommend sending a drone first, or Carrot Top.

The next few illustrations shows our “Slice of Life” comparing it to other symmetrical and non-symmetrical dimensional universes.

3 Dimensional Life Model with Time

This illustration shows our Life Wedge combined with time associated with a common origin.

Symetrical Dimensions

This illustration shows two symmetrical dimensional universes in relation to time and a common origin.

4 symetrical dimensions

This illustration shows four dimensional symmetrical universes A and B. Notice they don’t have to oppose each other to be symmetrical.

multi-dimensional universes

This illustration shows multiple symmetrical and possibly non-symmetrical dimensional universes and their relationship with each other and variable time. “A” can be symmetrical while “B” and “C” aren’t, but “D” is. Sharing a common origin would allow us to dimensionally jump from one and other.


Dimensional Hyperspace (my interpretation)

Current physic beliefs; [Michio Kaku, Theoretical Physicist ] “Our multiverse of universes have an eleven dimensional arena, in which 3 dimensional bubbles exist. The skin of each bubble represents an entire universe. In “String Theory” we can have bubbles of different dimensions, eleven being the highest. After eleven, the universe becomes unstable and breaks back down to eleven. Within each bubble there could be multidimensional dimensions or membranes which could be from 3 dimensions to 5 dimensions. These bubbles exist in a larger arena, called “Hyperspace”.

Ending Thoughts:

Non-Synchronous dimensional universes in a Multiverse, could have different Gravitational Constants or even a different structure of its atoms, making it impossible for us to visit. We would need to visit a dimensional universe with similar laws of physics as ours, to be able to survive. One good candidate would be a synchronous universe that is no longer in-sync with us any more. Unless its own physics were changed which made it out-of-sync, we should be able to safely visit it.

Also, I don’t think we need a tremendous amount of energy to make the jump from one dimensional universe to another; Some say we need to generate the same amount of energy that our Sun has, but spirits have been doing this throughout our history. We need to learn how they’re doing it, and replicate that…. well, without dying first of-course.


Giants in their fields:
Michio Kaku; Theoretical Physicist
Neil deGrasse Tyson; Astrophysicist

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