UFO Sighting in Boston, Massachusetts on July 9th 1997 – I saw a bird gold like aircraft descend upon us then it felt like time was being stopped we could move it was almost like we stopped breathing

My boyfriend and I were in the baseball field waiting for his friends sitting on the bleachers like we always did looking up at the sky. I noticed that the part of the sky over the housing development looked extremely bright for the time of day it was. So we kept looking then I notice there were multiple stars in the sky and then one moved then another one moved it looked like they were aligning there were like 7-8 of them I remember them moving into formation then a gold bird like aircraft appeared over us it was quiet extremely quiet as it descended everything slowed down I felt stuck heavy could move then it was like everything stopped I don’t recall what happened once everything stopped but it was still light out but when we snapped back I remembered being in the field and it was like I snapped out of something I then look at my boyfriend we didn’t know what to say to each other we couldn’t believe what we just experienced it was now night time as we were talking I notice in the near by bushes I heard crackling sound and I saw red dots appear and we ran out of there. We do loss time but not sure how much and we were moved from the bleachers to the field

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