Black Triangle Sighting in Maidstone, England on May 4th 2016 – We saw a black triangle, then a black orb with a black ‘line’ following it. The black orb slowly changed into a second black triangle.

My seventeen year old daughter and I were sitting in the lounge of our first floor maisonette with the blinds open. It was dusk and we were chatting. Then my daughter said “What’s that?” and pointed out the window. There was a black triangle hovering in the sky. We didn’t take our eyes off it. Very slowly it moved to the north. After approximately ten minutes and to the left of it a black orb appeared. There was another object just below and to the right of the orb that looked like a line and seemed to follow the orb.Very slowly the orb changed shape and became another black triangle. We could no longer see the ‘line ‘ and by now the first triangle had moved out of sight as our view was obstructed by a building. The second triangle was stationary to begin with then very slowly moved north as the first one had. Eventually we couldn’t see it. When it was an orb it seemed to come closer and get bigger before it turned into a triangle. There were no lights. I couldn’t hear any noise but my hearing is not as sharp as it used to be and my daughter is adamant there was a humming noise. From the position of the objects it looked as if they were over a nearby motorway. A plane went past at one point, much higher than the triangle and with lights, where what we saw had none. When the object was stationary it was moving very slightly from side to side.
It all lasted approximately one hour. As we watched we spoke to each other about what it could be. It certainly wasn’t a plane, helicopter or balloon. We’re certain what we saw was nothing manmade or natural. We felt like we didn’t want it to leave.

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