U.S. Government UFO Document: U.S. Navy Letter To UFO Researcher Robert Todd

12 June 1978
(Naval Air Station (NAS) Jacksonville, Jacksonville, Florida)

Source: NICAP.org

In this letter, Naval Air Station Jacksonville responds to Robert Todd’s request for information about the UFO sightings that occurred at the Pinecastle Electronic Warfare Range, Ocala National Forest, Ocala, Florida, on 14 May 1978.
The letter is written by N. P. Young, Public Affairs Officer:
Quote from the document:
“2205 – Received a phone call from a lady in Silver Glenn Springs wondering if we had flare drops and was informed we had no operations.
2215 – Received a phone call from a man in Silver Glenn Springs wondering if we had aircraft flying in the area. He was informed that no aircrafts were operating in the area.
2220 – TD2 Collins from MSQ 102 went to the tower to check visual siting of any aircraft, then went to operate MSQ 102 to scan the area.
Excerpts from Pinecastle Electronic Warfare Range Duty Officer Log relative to UFO sightings.”
Wikipedia article: “Naval Air Station Jacksonville”:


Photo of Naval Air Station Jacksonville, Jacksonville, Florida
(f.tqn.com(f.tqn.com photo)

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