SOUTH KOREA MERS OUTBREAK – Hong Kong Issues Warning Against S Korea Travel

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SOUTH KOREA MERS OUTBREAK – Hong Kong Issues Warning Against S Korea Travel

More than 2,800 people remain quarantined, either at home or in health facilities. More than 2,000 schools remain closed. The virus has struck mainly adults, with the exception of one 16-year-old boy. And the MERS deaths have been among older adults with pre-existing conditions. MERS, which surfaced three years ago, is not well understood. Because the virus is still fairly new, doctors and scientists do not know its exact source or mode of transmission. But it is not easily transmitted from person to person. MERS is contracted through close contact with an ill person, usually by living with, or caring for, him or her, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The case that began the South Korean outbreak hit on May 20. The vast majority of the cases are hospital clusters. MERS fear

Experts from the World Health Organization who have dealt with MERS will arrive in South Korea to assess the pattern of the virus spread and to look at public health response efforts.

5 things to know about MERS The latest outbreak prompted Hong Kong to issue a travel alert asking residents to avoid unnecessary travel to South Korea.

Also Tuesday, in Guangzhou, in south China, four Koreans from that same flight to Hong Kong, were released from quarantine.

United States. Both were health workers who lived in Saudi Arabia. Hong Kong has issued a red alert warning against travel to South Korea, which is battling an outbreak of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (Mers). The warning means South Korea is considered to pose significant threats to tourism, and Hong Kong residents are advised to cancel non-essential travel. “south korea” MERS korea asia “south east asia” hk “hong kong” virus infection outbreak warning tourism tourist tour seoul flight health healthy hospital travel entertainment movie cinema events “korea hotel” hotel humanity germs mask 2015 2016 disease survival prepare “seoul hotel” airplane “health insurance” “travel insurance” japan china chinese control fever treatment leisure quarantine risk clean “elite nwo agenda” news media entertainment ebola fema camp africa monkey Contagion movie illuminati prediction symbolism new world order ww3 end game elite mafia underground bunker bugout daboo77 daboo777 the road jade helm 15 montagraph prediction blood moons blood river china prophecy pope colorado airport doom cern royal bloodlines david icke anonymous george soros billionaire aliens kev baker show dutchsinse “Please understand this is an unavoidable measure for the sake of our neighbors and families,” Deputy Prime Minister Choi Kyung-hwan told a news briefing in the central city of Sejong, where he announced the plan to track the mobile phones of people under quarantine to ensure they stay at home. South Korean authorities will track the cellphones of hundreds of people under quarantine to prevent the spread of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) 500 million people had been infected and about 100 million were dead – roughly 5% of the world’s population. The estimates above call for a flu pandemic with a mortality rate of approximately 2%. But, as we have seen with pathogen mutations as of late, the mortality rate may be underestimated and could far exceed what the government predicts. The H7N9 airborne virus, first identified in Asia earlier this year, has seen a mortality rate of 20%, leaving researchers examining the virus to conclude that we “should definitely be alarmed and get prepared for the worst-case scenario”

The Department of Defense (DOD) Implementation Plan for Pandemic Influenza (DIP) directs DOD to prepare for, detect, respond to and contain the effect of a pandemic on military forces, DOD civilians, DOD contractors, dependents and beneficiaries. martial law is part of the response plan it should now be clear.

disaster would come complete with a total lock-down of infected regions, which would essentially include every major American metropolitan area and thoroughfares into and out of the cities. hazmat suit no travel, no grocery shopping trips, and no going outside; in essence a 24-hour round-the-clock curfew. rules or have no home to retreat to will likely be interned inFederal Emergency Management Agency refugee camps, much like the small (but ineffective) centers we saw pop up in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

planet, a virus is mutating. Perhaps it is on a chicken farm in China, or a pilgrimage in the middle east, or it may be spreading through a school in your neighborhood. Viruses and bacteria are evolving. They’re getting stronger, more contagious, and they are becoming resistant to modern medicines. eggs chicken

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