UFO Sighting in Saginaw, Michigan on May 3rd 2016 – started with hovering overtop a parking lot, seemed to progress down the street.

after just getiing out of work, i had called for a ride, my grandpa was on the way to get me.i live a few minutes from work. in the sky in th
e parking lot i looked up to see a floating object, that looked to be larger than any bird ive ever seen hovering around above my jobs parking lot. The pulse of changing light is what had caught my eye: i saw a grey oval shaped object, with a light affixed to the bottom of the craft. It was a spherical type, with oval round edges to the sides. The light seemed to be centralized and vertical to the bottom of the craft, and it seemed to pulse out the different colors in the same order. over and over. Red and then green then blue and then a light blue. I mentioned this to several people standing next to me, and many of the girls stared. One woman stated it was a state trooper police chopper, but me and another woman disagreed and after her comment their was staring in silence from all of us. my grandpa showed up and seeing that I had seen a u.f.o. before and noone was around, i was quick to point out the object in the sky. He got out of the car in his pajamas, to stare at the thing. I told him what the woman said, and he replied their was no way it was a state troopers chopper. I asked him after a few minutes of him standing with the car door open outside the car to get in, so we could go home. I called my grandmother. it was 10:48 pm. I told her to go outside. WE chatted on the phone and he said she could see it. I told her we would bge home in a minute, to meet us out in the yard. WE drove across the street, into the soup cafe parking lot. We questioned each others opinions, and stated that it could be seen from my job,walmart,and our house. we pulled into the driveway and spoke to grandma. The motion of the craft was not a linear pattern, it moved in a lazed, awkward motion, as if it didn’t follow any particular flight plan. I watched it arc from the upper left to a lazy downward right slant, and it seemed to stop and hover for awhile. The craft was a dark gray object that seemed to have an aura around it, almost a light ring of energy. It reminds me of the ring the moon sometimes has around it. but it was much more faint. The color of the lights were extremely vibrant and bright. The souns was faint, far off it sounded like the hum of a small fire cracker hiss, I was amazed. Papa called 911, they told him it was a state trooper pilot also. I was flustered. No way, it wasnt possible it was a state trooper. I watched the object and it seemed as if it shifted position, and I saw a orange looking light/spotlight come into view. It was odd, as the the soft orange color was in the shape of an oval, and was up over and to the left of the craft. It wasn’t shining down, wasn’t scanning the ground. To me that had to prove it was no state trooper. I ws in awe of the object. After standing loutside for awhile, we all vetnured inside around 11:35.pm. I took my dog for a walk ten minutes later, the objkect was becoming distant and had veered off in the direction of Walmart.

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