UFO Sighting in Sunland Park, New Mexico on May 7th 2016 – sunny day, UFO was fast, could barely see it on camera

I was recording a video outside my house just for fun. The video was recorded with an ipod 5th generation. I had put my ipod down still on recording and seconds later it fell down due to the wind and it led the device to aim at the sky. After I watched the video 10 minutes later realized that when it was recording the sky it caught a really fast moving object. At first I thought it was just a bird, but then I thought how could a bird fly that fast. I took a screenshot at the screen at the exact moment the object appeared. I zoomed it and it looked very much like a UFO. I’m not sure if it is or if it’s not. The video was uploaded to YouTube, I slow motioned it and added the zoomed in images.

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