UFO Sighting in Bangor, Maine on January 1st 1962 – The three objects came from the 15 end of runway paused at about half way on runway than proceeded to the 33 end of runway and took off at a 90 degree angle.

The following even took place between Jan.1963 and Nov. 1964, I am not sure of the dates as this was about 50 years ago. The place of this incident was Dow AFB Bangor, Maine. I Had two other incidents which may or may not be related. On the night of the incident I was stationed as a K-9 sentry guarding B52, alert bombers loaded with nuclear weapons. The site where the bombers were parked was near the 33 end of the runway. It was about 2300 hours, the time for the second shift to start, as the truck pulled up for my relief, I began to muzzle my dog when he broke position and pulled me on the side of the truck facing the runway, an then I saw three pulsating sphere of light, as they came down the runway, they paused. At halfway down the runway. The whole base lit up brighter than daylight , but not a blinding light. I called c.s.c. (Central Security Control)concerning the incident and they said the tower had already reported the sighting. Then as I looked up from my radio, the objects. who were three in number and about 30 ft. in diameter each, shot down the runway, toward the 33 end and shot up at a 90 degree angle and turned many colors , the were gone in a matter of seconds. The flight leader driving the truck and everyone else were terrified and we sped to c.s.c. and were met by OSI officers. Where they interrogated me for about 45 min. (not sure how long). The strange thing was they kept asking me if I knew who and what they are? They is more to this, that I have remembered over the years. I forgot to mention the 75th. ADC squadron stationed a Dow A.F.B., sent 2 F-101’s after the objects. I was told 6th. Air Division in Pease, New Hampshire and 8th. Air Force HQ. in Mass. had picked them up on radar. They were seen the next few nights near the nuclear weapons depot, which was about 2 miles from the 33 end of the runway, Only years later ,I had the feel for some reason time had stood still.

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