UFO Sighting in Devine, Texas on May 4th 2016 – A cone shaped object traveling fast from south to north parallel to the ground.

I was in my backyard in the afternoon clear blue skies and I was getting ready to start a fire in my BBQ for a family cookout when I turned up towards the south and saw this bright object coming up over towards me which at first I took for an airliner but quickly became puzzled because the shape was like a cone but angular and had small appendages where the wings should be. It got whiter or brighter as it came over my position. I quickly took three photos of this object with my iPhone but didn’t think they would come out well enough to see this thing but afterward I saw that it did take some good pictures of it. I felt excited about seeing this but not surprised. It moved on northward until I lost it in the trees didn’t take more than a couple of minutes at most for all this to happen.

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