UFO Sighting in London, on May 7th 2016 – Noticed bright lights hovering, observed them moving then literally disintegrating into thin air!!

I was in a park, enjoying the first warm day this year. I wasn’t doing anything, just sitting there thinking and smiling (mostly thinking about my job). Then I looked at the sky and thought ‘what a nice weather and how beautiful the sky is’.. Looked at the clouds, the skies, thought about what clouds looked like (what objects they resembled) and then noticed bright blue lights.. Didn’t think much of it at first.. But it just stayed there so I thought what if those are ailiens (thought of it in a comical way because there’s just sooooo much info being put out there about ailiens and all kinds of conspiracies, so I kind of smiled at the idea).. Didn’t bother guessing at what it really is. Honestly, didn’t care. Kept looking at it, thought that maybe it’s a trick of light and in about two minutes it started moving. Startled me a bit (kinda got freaked out by the idea of it really being the ailiens). It moved in a straight line, I sort of panicked (not really, but my heart was beating fast.. Not sure if from excitement or fear).. Took out my phone, took a while to open the camera (didn’t want to take my eyes off of the object), took a picture. Observed the object for a few more minutes (thought of myself as being stupid for overreacting and ACTUALLY taking a picture (with trembling hands, I might add)). Then the weirdest thing happened (the reason for me being on this website, writing this whole story) – the object disintegrated into thin air.. On the spot! ..lights just faded and that’s it.. There was nothing there. If it wasn’t for the picture I would’ve thought that i was just seeing things. I thought about what happened all the way home (which took me an hour).. Sent the picture through whatsapp to my friends.. They thought it was incredible (A few thought it was just a trick of light, but I saw it moving!! Against the wind! Not with the clouds and faster than the clouds). Basically, we all came to a conclusion that it was cool (especially if it were the ailiens..enjoying some nice weather, too :D).. Then, when I got home, family stuff got in the way and the next day was pretty busy, so I didn’t think about what happens at all.. And now I looked at the picture again..thought about what happened and decided that I would like to share this experience. Googled ‘ufo reports’, found this website and here I am.
Would be great to hear some suggestions as to what it was that I saw.. I was joking about the ailiens enjoying the weather, but seriously it’s kind of freaky.. Could it be some kind of military deal? Not sure if anyone else saw this, but would’ve been great if someone did.

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