AUSTRIA BUILDS NEW BORDER FENCE – Austria Erecting New Fence Around Its Border With Slovenia

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AUSTRIA BUILDS NEW BORDER FENCE – Austria Erecting New Fence Around Its Border With Slovenia

Austria has begun building a fence along its border with Slovenia, a move the government has said will help it to better manage refugees. Over the past month, however, the inflow of refugees into Austria has dropped. Austria Slovenia fence fencing border immigration migrant europe “european union” euro construction technical install 2015 2016 “new year” visa “apply for visa” Schengen “Schengen Visa” population control power media news entertainment geography charity donation christmas holiday Austrian “elite nwo agenda” germany german “new fence” passport ID identity “europe visa” uk “united kingdom” usa elite poverty order out of chaos david icke lindsey williams gerald celente jim rogers alex jones infowars montagraph coast to coast am rawdogletard collapse

The end of Schengen? Work begins on first fence within the zone on the Austrian border as head of European Parliament warns EU is at risk of falling apart Martin Schulz has said that the European Union is in danger of falling apart He said it is impossible to say if EU will still exist ‘in this form’ in a decade Comes as Austrian soldiers started building 6ft fence on Slovenian border He was responding to a recent warning from Jean Asselborn, Luxembourg’s foreign affairs and migration minister, that the EU might break apart,

Divisions in the EU over the migrant crisis are rife, notably between German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has led efforts to take in more Syrians, and leaders in the formerly Communist East who oppose EU schemes to make them take in some asylum seekers. Almost a million refugees recorded as new arrivals in Germany in 2015 Josef Ostermayer, a minister involved in policy on the migration crisis, said the fence would be around 6.6ft high.

A German parliament member has called for introducing a “compulsory labor” program under which young Germans would be forced to spend a year in the service of migrants. The plan would relieve aid workers who are struggling to cope with the huge swarm of migrants and are “at their limit of exhaustion,” according to the report, which states that Germans, “would basically be forced to service refugees.” German schoolchildren are already being impacted by Angela Merkel’s decision to accept potentially millions of “refugees”.

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