UFO Sighting in Salem, Indiana on May 12th 2016 – Lights In the Sky Rapidly Moving

I was on my way back home from a late ER visit, driving north. I noticed what I thought was a exceptionally low airplane. Suddenly seconds later another light appeared about 250 feet below it. Then after another few seconds a third light appeared to the right of the first light at a marginally lower elevation, maybe about 40 feet or so from what I could tell. After that the objects had my attention more than the road. They moved around rapidly, moving faster than any man made object that I’ve ever seen in the sky, and were way to bright to be airplanes. Then I noticed that they were WAY closer to me and the ground then I thought. It has been thunder storming here, and the objects were not only below the clouds, but they were over an area known as the buffalo bottoms, where locals have reported strange craft before. The object zipped around a bit, then suddenly the last two lights disappeared and the first light moved closer. then at about what could of been a quarter to a half mile apart each direction the other two lights reappeared. they formed a straight line if you were to draw one between the three. Then seconds later they were about 2 miles apart having moved faster than my eye could perceive. During the event my radio was scrambling on a normally stable channel. Unfortunately I suffer from a severe phobia of aliens, I panicked, after seeing and confirming that this was no ordinary event. Looking back on it I wish I used my cell phone to nab pics of video of objects. But I was in such a state of shock and fear seeing these things so close to my home, that I turned tail and ran, or to say drove away in the opposite direction as fast as I could. Besides the panic that set in, I made a judgement call, I could return home, going directly toward the primary light, down a dark country road for a few miles into the middle of nowhere, or I could find a safe hole to crawl into until I collected myself. I did the latter.

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