UFO Sighting in Miami, Florida on May 7th 2016 – Twinkling metalic objects bigger than plane

Submitted by FI Mary Margaret Zimmer
MUFON 7855

—————————————————————————-Witness called me about 10 minutes after the sighting. He said that he saw the object(s) moving from west to south, twinkling for a few miles, hovering, and then twinkling and moving again. The second one which was the largest appeared metallic, had a red light underneath, disappeared behind a light pole and then appeared again. He estimates that this object was over two stories tall and was bigger than a plane. The third object was lower down in the sky and went the opposite way.

The witness often sees planes from the Opalocka Airport, but on the day of the sighting, he had seen no planes at all until immediately after the sighting.

He was able to take a picture with his cell phone which he said he would send to me.

This witness has had several events that indicate that he may be an abductee.

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