UFO Sighting in Weiser, Idaho on May 14th 2016 – Husband got up around midnight..saw lights came ND woke me up..we watched out window..white bright light would fade away then come back to bright again..4 to begin with..then just the one..before it faded away and didn’t come back..same spot in sky..not m

My husband woke me about midnight or so and said come see this! We watched out the upstairs bathroom windows for approximately 5 min. There were 4 when he first noticed them..it’s what got his attention were the pulsing lights. When i observed the happening there was just 1. It was cream/ white/ copper colored bright light..orb shaped. It would glow brightly..then fade almost completely away..only to glow brightly again.it remained stationary and at one point we could just make out 2 of the other lights. It looked to be above the few clouds we had. It was SE of our home in the countryside..we have no street lamps or yard lights..it was highly visible..it made the hair on the back of our necks stand up..it made us feel vulnerable is the best word to describe it. The object eventually faded away and didn’t reappear..it’s been a restless night to say the least.

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