Paris Attacks 2015 were known but not stopped!! Hidden Agendas

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Inconsistencies with this man’s story… During the 9/11 attacks we had all these witnesses that came up to describe events. Mind you one came out to say he had been paid to say it, as well as one that ended up having had ties to the CIA. Likewise London had these witnesses who some ended up to then disappear or not wanting to be interviewed or changes of stories.

Watch this video of a WITNESS who say the following.
Inconsistencies with his story by CNN (Most inaccurate news reporting. Report only on what they want you to believe)

Shrapnel flying from an explosive device hit is phone

For example, a relatively small explosion, like one from a homemade pipe-bomb, can produce an overpressure of about 1 psi and blast winds of nearly 40 mph. That’s enough to shatter glass, but it may only cause light injury. The blast from a car bomb can generate upwards of 2 to 3 psi (and wind speeds topping 100mph), potentially causing major structural damage, severe injury, and enough damage to kill a few folks.
We have a so called suicide bomb wrapped up in TNT they say, which amounts to to say the same consistency of a car bomb.

But yet only slightly injuries his Samsung mobile. Which if this is proven correct, I will kindly give up my Iphone and buy this self propelled bullet proof Mobile device. I think you Steve Chung​ and Michael Connell​ should ask New Zealand Police to upgrade your motorola mobiles for the Samsung Bullet proof Shrapnel mobile phone!!!

If like the media reports and the witness reports that the Shrapnel was heading for his head is true then.
A: He was fast enough to see this debri shooting at him, at the speed of a bullet and ducked out the way… preforming a matrix move to use his mobile device as a shield

“During the Paris attacks a piece of shrapnel flew towards this man’s head, but hit his phone, likely saving his life”

So what is it, he must have been on his mobile phone??? as he said if it wasn’t for his phone it would have been in his head. I don’t buy it.
First of all he would have been holding his phone at the very bottom, which if you look at the size of his hand is very doubtful. As he has no injuries consistent to that or any on his arms or hands whatsoever
His phone was able to deflect pieces of shrapnel. I don’t think so, due to scientific testing and show such as Mythbusters etc showing how a bullet and debri can be shot into mobile devices (Iphones and actually Samsung’s were used in the test) and they were severely damaged and some even “Died” as a direct result from the force.
This man’s mysteriously deflected this and saved his skull from any damage.

If you look at what he said, the impact broke his shoe. I DON’T THINK so what kind of bullshit rubbish is that. If this was the case and any explosive debris took his shoe off… in my experience, his shoe would be definitely part of the crime scene evidence and bagged and taken away for forensic testing… Oh by the way, why didn’t he show it…

Another funny inconsistency, from my time working within the emergency services seeing injuries. This man shows us his blood stained T-shirt. Strange thing is hes wearing 2 shirts the outer is not damaged in any way only the underlay.

The clip I show you is a a quick one, but you will get my drift.
Don’t believe anything that the Media reports till it is proven as factual evidence.

I smell a coverup from this Paris attack… I am not a Conspiracy Theorist but a realist… not many people know what I will tell you now, but the French Authorities were running an emergency exercise which consisted of Emergency services (Emergency services worldwide connections I had been in communication with) in a simulation of a terrorist attack. This was happening during the time of the actual attack…will be leaked I assume soon by the media, only if they want it known of course… but is it another coincidence that 9/11 and the London attacks were all doing this during that time of there attacks???
Now been leaked

I still smell a RAT Please Share

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