UFO TV Report & News Article: “Archive 1959: Fighter jets sent to intercept Redmond UFO”

12 May 2016
(NBC KGW, Portland, Oregon)
KGW reports on the 24 September 1959 Redmond, Oregon, UFO incident.
The large, bright UFO was first spotted by police officer Robert Dickerson shortly before dawn.
Six F-102 jet fighters were sent from Portland.
The article contains the official report L. E. Davis sent to the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA). Davis was Chief of Redmond Air Traffic Communication Station.
Quote from Davis’ letter:
“Seattle Air Route Control Center advised radar contacted UFO at 1420Z located 25 miles south of Redmond at 52.00 feet.”
The video comes from a September 1959 broadcast of ‘Space Report’ on KGW Television:
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Satellite photo of Redmond, Oregon (tageo.com)
(tageo.com photo)

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