UFO Article (Blog): “Mid-Air Encounter With UFO – Rarely Seen US Army Documents Available Again”

By Paul Dean, 15 May 2016
(UFOs – Documenting The Evidence, Melbourne, Australia)

The article reports on the 18 October 1973 (at 11:05 p.m.) Lawrence J. Coyne (Captain, U.S. Army) helicopter UFO incident near Mansfield, Ohio.
Dean presents the ‘U.S. Army Disposition Form’ report – and 
four other pages pertaining to the case. The report was signed 
by all four of the crew, Captain Lawrence J. Coyne (pilot), 
1st. Lieutenant Arrigo Jezzi, Staff Sergeant John Healey and 
Staff Sergeant Robert Yanacek.

Coyne retired as a Lieutenant Colonel from the U.S. Army.

Quote from the article:
“Who remembers the 1973 case where a UFO nearly destroyed a US Army Reserve helicopter? You should. Even the debunkers and sceptics get uncomfortable with this one.
Jennie Zeidman, associate of astronomer J. Allen Hynek, published a report titled ‘Helicopter-UFO Encounter Over Ohio’ for the Centre for UFO Studies in 1979 after meticulously investigating the case.
The case has never been solved.”
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