UFO Sighting in Muirkirk, Ontario on May 15th 2016 – Bright multi colored object caught my eye while on my porch.Watched, then went in house for camera.

I was sitting on the front porch of my home around 11:00pm on the evening of May 15,2016 having a cigarette, when a bright reddish colored object in the sky caught my attention. At first I thought it may have been the International Space Station, as I have seen it before. Because it did not move I soon realized that was not what it was. It was considerably larger than any star.It hung motionless and silent. As I was watching it, what was clearly an airplane passed at a lower altitude heading south east of the object.The plane’s light was flashing red in the expected fashion and soon was gone,but the object remained,not moving and began rotating it’s colors(red to purple to green),fading out momentarily from time to time.

I decided this was very unusual so I went inside the house to get my cell phone to take some pictures of it. I took a number of shots back to back every second or so over about a minute.

I watched it for another couple of minutes and then went into the house and went to bed.It was still in the sky when I went in. I told my fiance about what I had seen the next morning as he was already sleeping.

My fiance has downloaded the pictures from the phone and we are sending a slide show of the shots in sequence at 200% magnification.

*NOTE: I have attempted to include the original photos, but there are 17 and your downloading interface won’t accept them all. I can email them separately if you wish.

As well we are sending two maps showing the location and direction of the sighting. As stated in the question form,I am not sure of the objects size or distance,only direction and angle of elevation.

May 18,2016

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