UFO Sighting in Concordia, Missouri on May 19th 2016 – sighting of a strange light near my farm

So it was about 7 o’clock, I was heading out to cover my tomato plants so that the winter cold won’t damage them. That’s when the force of habit urged me to observe orion. As I looked away again, towards the direction of my plants. I observed this very bright star in the southern sky, at the time I was walking towards the plants and all stars seemed to be naturally moving with me. But I stopped and looked at the bright light in the south, and saw that it was not one of the stars, but it was actually very gradually moving, it moved without a sound or trail. I’ve seen this happen around here at least four times. That’s when I ran inside to get my sister to show her that I wasn’t crazy, that’s when she also observed the object. The light moved in an eastern direction, very slowly, and for about 3 minutes we watched it fly and than it just disappeared into the sky like coffee would when you throw it in water, we were completely speechless. We had no idea what it could have been, but since many people around here claim to have been the victim of close encounters with these lights and objects, we figured that it must be a UFO. We were afraid of what was going to happen next. I loaded the rifle and put it next to my bed, after we heard these strange noises coming from outside. A while later there was something on the roof, it might have been a cat, but at the time I was so terrified that the only thing I could think of was being abducted by big headed aliens.

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