UFO Sighting in Washougal, Washington on May 18th 2016 – UAP descended to close within our vicinity when taking pictures.

My brother, mom and I drove to top of Maybee Mines to take pics of sunset. Mom
had been cooped up in house with broken shoulder so we took her for a drive. I stood on old log and started taking pictures for a panoramic shot about a second apart. When reviewing pictures I saw what appeared as a lense flare and zoomed in. I saw the object, and saw in the next 4 photos. The object followed a path forming a backwards 3 from my aspect, which interestingly in sanskrit means “I exist”. The object appeared to change form in the last two pictures from a large structured craft to an orb as it got close to us. As a former field investigator I have ruled out the lense flare possibility because the object was in motion and does not form a direct line between the camera lense and the light source (sun). The pictures have not been modified for contrast or any other enhancement methods. They are in sequential order. Zoom in to see plasma field; I believe the dimishing area is a result of deceleration as it entered a lower altitude (note red “aura”. I used a Samsung Galaxy core Prevail cellphone camera.

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