Black Triangle Sighting in Griswold, Connecticut on February 1st 1986 – My niece and I saw a night light to the left of our townhouse. It looked like a huge star. It swung up and down as if a pendulum.

My niece and I returned home from shopping and noticed a bright light to the left of our duplex. It looked like a huge star dangling from the sky. It swung back and forth in the sky making incredible angles. My niece was terrified, I asked her to get my camcorder and she ran inside. I continued to watch, the light kept moving then I saw a black triangle shape come toward me . I was on the road at that point, under a streetlight. The triangular shaped craft moved overhead, seemed to barely make it over the telephone poles. There was a vibration or humming sound as it passed very slowly over my head.The underside of the Ufo was lit up with hundreds of lights. It looked like a city one would see from an airplane at night. The craft was gigantic, at least 3 football fields long. I could hear the traffic on nearby 395 going by, but other than the hum there was no other sound. I suddenly realized that I was under the street light and exposed to the craft,and also that my niece had not returned. I went inside to fetch the camcorder and when I went back out the huge craft was gone.

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